Experience our community consultation software in action.

What does “many to many” relationships and “cross-referencing communications centre” mean?  Why are they a better way to manage and track stake-holder consultations?  Before your eyes glaze over, may we suggest a web demo?  There, we can clearly show you and your project team members how our uniquely designed software can manage your data and communications with stakeholders, track your commitments, and make the reporting process a breeze.

Sustainet supplies the most advanced stakeholder relationship tracking software on the market.  It is best experienced to be understood and appreciated.

During a web demo, we can go through Staketracker’s Advanced and innovative features, including

  • our easy reporting process, designed to produce the reports you need
  • easy data integration from other sources
  • straightforward user interface

You will also see first hand how straightforward our software is to use, and to teach other employees to use.

Request a Live Web-demo:

For a complete overview and understanding of how our various products could work for you, please request a Live One-on-One Web Demonstration.

We will then contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for this demonstration on your desktop in the comfort of your own office or boardroom. It’s that simple!

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Please indicate your preferred dates and times, noting that we host the demos from our Vancouver, Canada offices. Although we allow up to an hour for the complete Web demo, it generally takes considerably less, depending on the details of our discussions.

Once we have received your request and a convenient date and time are agreed to, we will send you a confirmation email with the Meeting ID and Password.